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Confused about daily gold





I paid for the daily gold to help support the devs and thought that it meant I would get 200 gold each day that I logged in, the next 30 times I logged in (but only once per day).


However, I was away at a convention for a few days and had a few days away from the game (also, since there's a bug in my game I can't really play anyway until it's fixed).


Then, when I logged in, I noticed that I've "lost" some days of gold. The timer now says that I have "1 day remaining" but I've claimed far fewer than 29 days. What's going on?


Hopefully somebody can help!




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Hey h4ppy,


Bampop is correct, however, there is a bug when the gold expires, the timer just refreshes itself on each reset, so you are unable to collect the last day of gold. If you could please tell me your PFID# (located it settings from the main menu) I can correct the issue on your account and reimburse you the last day of lost gold.


Thanks a bunch!

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