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App logging into wrong Google Play account



I really want to play this game and spend some money but the app keeps logging into the wrong google play account. 


I have 2 accounts on my device, my person google account and my work google account. Both need to exist on my phone.


However, the app decided that despite my default account being my personal one, it would login to my work account. 


The app automatically does this on launch, and I can't for the life of me figure out a way to change this behavior. 


Please help!

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Try first to log in to your personal account and after that go to pathfinder app. If I am not mistalen, it use the account that you used last time... One alternative would be to logout work you work account each time you pay pathfinder adventures...

There is coming alternate way of logging in when online multiplayer will come out but that can take a while.

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