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[3.03] Barbarian "Heart of Fury" is still per-rest, despite being labelled as per-encounter and in the per-encounter section



Weird bug. Heart of Fury is definitely on the "per encounter" section of my toolbar, and the patch notes and the description say it's per encounter, but it's still acting as per-rest for me.


Screenshot (note the other per-encounter abilities having reset to 1/1 at end of combat): post-58316-0-53678500-1465241467_thumb.jpg


Dropbox link to output_log and save: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cnjzqf8s5gzzuu9/AADoVk9DbgtNX34U5eOQlkXTa?dl=0


To reproduce, use heart of fury, note how it does not come back.

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It's actually worse than the initial report. I *thought* it was per-rest and my barbarian was just using it automatically, but I'm starting to suspect that my use of heart of fury is *never* coming back. No matter what, whenever I see it in my toolbar, it is always 0/1.

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