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Prep spells before combat suggestion

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Don't know were to put suggestions...

I find it frustrating I can't prep spells before entering combat like in BG or ID, etc. This is a major strategic element. So casting mirror image or some buff and defense spells in integral. Wish you could do that in this game. I don't really see the reason why this is prevented. (especially for harder difficulties).

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It's prevented so that casting buffs is a weighted decision, not a necessity. Without the limitation, late-game, you'd start majority of encounters by prolonged period of clicking the same buttons and then, in combat, buffs would be rendered largely useless. Right now tho, when you get to combat, you need to make a decision of whether and which buffs you wish to cast or whether you wish to use time of your casters in a different manner.


That said, if you give one of your characters equipment which increases their speed in combat, you can send that character ahead, aggro enemies, start combat, buff your other characters and then lure aggroed opponents to your buffed group. I tend to not do it as I see it as cheating the system, but eh, it's a thing you can do.

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Hey Zenman12,


This was a design decision made early on in development and the game was balanced around 'not' prebuffing. Though you cannot 'prebuff' with spells we do have food, traps, and resting bonuses that allow you to prepare for certain encounters.


I got your back


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