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Recharge mechanic



Can somebody please explain how recharge is supposed to work?


I don't know if this has been brought up or not, I find this isn't the easiest forum in the world to navigate, and there are lots of issues to sift though!


In the Brigandoom! Adventure both the villain and henchmen have "before you act" stipulations that require you to recharge a card or two.


I have noticed that within this adventure, the recharged cards are replaced before combat ensues, but in later adventures when encountering the SAME bandit henchmen, the recharged card is NOT replaced before combat.

For example, during The Fort in Peril, a location requires you to encounter a bandit henchman at the start of your turn - I'm not getting the replacement card prior to combat.


It's not a huge deal, I just would like to know which way it is supposed to work!

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Scenarios have rules added. In Brigandoom!, before you play a box popped up that said "During this Scenario: When a Villian or Henchman has you Recharge a card, Draw a Card."

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Gotcha, yeah I must've missed that!


Sure have had plenty of goofiness that wasn't intended though, like an endless cycle of ancient skeletons with Bruthazmus!

(It wasn't QUITE endless, but I did manage to end up grabbing an extra 150ish gold from beating them, as opposed to the 30 or so I average from a normal round.)


Thanks for your responses!

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