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Bug: Enemy Lore: Undead not defeating undead



Kyra's Enemy Lore: Undead does not seem to be working sometimes.  For instance, she and Seoni are in the Academy.  She encounters a Ghost and has a plain Warhammer.


She reveals the Warhammer and gets the extra 1d8.  She rolls and beats the Ghost but instead of being defeated, the Ghost gets reshuffled back into the location deck.  Since Enemy Lore: Undead is supposed to add 1d8 and the Magic Trait to the check to defeat the Ghost, the Ghost should not only have been beaten but also removed from the Location deck.


Just to continue, this happened again in the same game on a subsequent turn when she re-encountered the Ghost (wins the check but the Ghost is reshuffled).  Seoni finally beats the Ghost by using Acid Arrow against it.

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Just happened to me with a Spectre. Kyra got her extra die from Enemy Lore: Undead and succeeded at the check against Divine, but the Spectre was undefeated, shuffled back into the deck and Kyra got moved to another location. Seems the Magic trait is not added to those checks.


Samsung Note 2014, Android 5.0.2. Happened at Turtleback Ferry, Kyra got moved to the farmhouse. Valeros was also present at Turtleback.

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I encountered the same bug today. I think Enemy Lore: Undead didn't provided the Magic trait.


I was fighting a Spectre with Divine check, and it got reshuffled to the deck two different times.

Yesterday I encountered the bug again. I hope it will be solved next patch.

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