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Lost All Progress



Hello, I went through the inability of the quests to be played and the broken northward shooting cards that halted quests being played without having to make an account and say something about it because I found where others had this problem and it looked like it would get fixed (eventually).


This, however, is a urgent matter that needs to be fixed (or if there is an easy work around, great). I have lost all of my progress even with my gamecenter ID still intact. This means I lost the last week of my daily gold I paid for, the gold I had built up, and all my characters purchased and progress made in quests. I thought the point of the gamecenter was to be a backup that wouldn't have this issue of deleting my information? Please someone help.


Since a post said not to put personal information out there, if an individual who actually works on fixing problems private messages me for these things then I will give them.

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