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[3.02] Stag carnage

Loren Tyr


The stag carnage ability doesn't seem to work. When I activate it, the ability icon itself does give the usual "No uses left" and "Already in effect" messages, but no carnage damage is being done nor is a carnage AoE shown when hovering the attack cursor over an enemy (like you get with a Barbarian). The part of the Ranger's character sheet that shows the Animal companion also doesn't show anything under "Active Effects", so it just doesn't seem to actually be applied. Note that the "Already in effect" message does disappear after a while (I didn't time it exactly, but as far as I can tell it sticks around as long as it is supposed to, there's just no actual effect to go with that message). 


Edit: tried the Druid Stag Carnage, that one does work fine but also does not show up under "Active Effects" (or as an icon next to the character on the main screen). 

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