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Extremely bugged into the mountains wildcard power on heroic mode that trigger forced bury



In an effort to retrace the bug I'd made a video recording of it.


Basically, in a heroic scenario I find myself playing with into the mountains and full pack as the wild card power.


I find myself having to bury a card upon defeating a henchman even if the powers didn't suggest anything of that .


That is not the only bugged instance I'd encounter in this specific scenario but I'd failed to reproduce it or caught it on video. Will update if ever I come across them again.


Video here


Ps: the video also showed a bugged incendiary cloud that can be used with another spell. Sigh, I'll open another thread


In another instance, video here paired with pained memories wildcard, I get the 1d4 force damage upon acquiring a blessing no less. Suspect that the wildcard power crosswired to the scenario power. This if consistent will make it pretty much impossible to complete the scenario in a big party

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