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Quest mode hung - Wanted Tips on how to recover

Matsu Kurisu


So I have ground my party up to 18th level on quest mode..... almost got to the illusive Teir 1 cards and then I went to play some today.

Quest button is non responsive :(

The Store and Story mode work fine.

I had this happen once before when I switched cards a lot in a combat then crashed out. At that time I copied out the saved games

sdcard / net.obsidian.pacg1 / files , reinstalled and copied the saved files back.

Good news Quest mode now works, bad news, no experienced characters and start grinding from lv 1.......


Now I have quest mode frozen again :(


I really want to be playing, however REALLY do not want to have to grind up again :(


Any more techie people who understand the file structure underneath and understand where the quest file characters are stored, I really want to try and back these ones up before I do another restore....


Or if anyone can give me any tips to clear the current in progress quest without loosing the characters ....


Much appreciated for any advice




Meseriel, Lini, Ezren, Seelah

Playing on AMIDoUS v2.1.1 on Win 7 professional 64bit



Playing with

iPad mini 4th Gen iOS 10.3.3

Primary party


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I strongly suggest you wait for the patch to see if it restore your game without causing loss of game data. It's supposed to be out this week , ( yes I know it's already Friday )


If you want to risk losing the data, you can check out someone's post here


But bear in mind you seem to be running a emulator environment on PC and it may not work. do so at your own risk

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