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Experienced characters disappeared!



I've been playing for a while now in quest mode, and had purchased Ezren, Lem and Valeros at different times, so their experience was different than Merisiel and Kyra. Today I completed a quest, I recall that Ezren has just hit 10th level and I think Kyra and Merisiel were at 18. I left to look at the patch notes, came back to look at the store and collect my daily gold, then went to start a new quest only to find that all my experienced characters have disappeared.


I'm running on a Droid Turbo 2, Android version 6.0, I am aware that phones aren't currently supported but would still like some advice.


I'd really rather not have to start from scratch if at all possible. Also, I can't seem to see all my treasures I got from chests, the filtering in the vault is confusing and seems arbitrary as to seeing cards in quest mode or story(which I don't play). Any thoughts?

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