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v3.02.10008 WM2



Fighter "#1 Stunner"

Pale elf

Old Valia



MIG 15

DEX 19


INT 19

PER 19




weapon focus spear/hunt bow (peasant)

bonus knockdown

hold the line (increases engaged targets from 1 to 2)

fast runner

rapid recovery or scion of flame

1 hand style (15% hit to crit in beta atm)

superior deflection

apprentice sneak attack




disciplined barrage

overbearing guard **confusion and nearby ally with lower deflection sets up free disengagement attacks**

into the fray

vigorous defense

take the hit

sundering blow

triggered immunity



Stealth 5

Athletics 2 (+1 class)

Lore 7 (+1 class)

Mechanics 0

Survival 9 (+1 class)(+2 background)(+2 platemail)


Slot Item

R Hand 1 MIG stun on crit w/+4acc when attacking same target as ally spear

L Hand empty

R Hand 2 soulbound hammer

L Hand 2 N/A

Armor 2 PER frenzy sanguine plate 3DR slash

Head Sicken when hit (grand adventure)

Neck 3DR pierce/crush retaliate Hiro mantle

Hands 5 ACC

Waist 2 CON stuck when hit (avg adventure)

Ring 1 3 DEX 5 reflex 20 def stun-prone

Ring 2 9 deflection

Feet 3 consecrated ground boots


Early/Alt Gear: Tallgrass maybe, cloak of comfort, soulbound bp, thought is 3 triggered immunities for dragon: pierce/slash/breath


scroll: binding web (helps tackle hard encounters at earlier levels)

scroll: paralysis   (helps tackle hard encounters at earlier levels)

figurine: wood beetle

alacrity potion boosts recovery to 97%




Primary tank and secondary controller, all-around makes life very unpleasant for enemies

High accuracy, high DR, high mobility, passive self heals, stun locker, passable dps, decent deflection (for cipher mindweb -> rogue riposte)

10DR cold/fire from pale if is very nice for a tank - getting to Maerwald is laughably easy.

14 survival lets you increase DR 3, healing received by 60% or accuracy vs enemy type by 15

I passed on the stun neck because I want +3DR for all melee and retaliate interrupts.

Disciplined barrage + scrolls are intended to beeline to durgan steel/white march gear several levels earlier than normal.


Build Choices, sequence matters:


Knockdown: 7 sec prone on hits, 10 sec on crit, 3/enc + endless vs disengagers

Into the fray: 5m pull and daze to put reposition enemies where you want them

Fast runner: You will want to move around battlefield until all enemies are prone or otherwise disabled

Rapid recovery: Scales with level and eventually doubles the healing of constant recovery, but scion boosts weapon damage mod by +10% with weapon and chanter lash

Vigorous defense: Aside from the obvious +20 all defenses, enemy AI prefers lower defense targets. Overbearing guard when they try to run away

Sundering blow: Highest DR debuff in game (eight DR bypass). Simultaneously deals damage and 2/enc

Start combat with soulbound hammer equipped, switch to hammer and shield after the 4m radius 10 second 1/enc stun then switch to single target stun spear


When enemies hit you, bad things happen to them and good things happen for party, notably stuck (-20 deflection, -20 reflex, -5 accuracy, AoE shock).

Give an enemy a free disengagement attack to seek out another target to kd & it gets stuck in place & sickened(-10 will,-10 fort,-1 all stats)


Was originally considering vent pick/TUB for is 15% chance of bonus +20acc full attack which includes another soulbound dagger hit with another 10% chance of firebug, but firebug is MUCH better on rogue with deathblows.


Bloody Slaughter: If a knockdown or overbearing guard brings enemy below 10%, it can help upgrade the prone duration to a crit - still not worth it in this build.


Not that this party will actually have to, but I think this guy can dragon tank with 3 con/3 res with painlink and debuffs - stats look squishy - gear/talents and party strat are not.

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I've played into WM1 with 3 CON/3 RES for entire party and haven't had to respec. Quick control is central to 6 member party design and enemies don't get a lot of actions off. Hard encounter tactics:


Priest sets an AoE knockdown trap with lvl 2 spell before fight starts.

Chanter can set an item trap.

I don't use a wizard, but they can create chill fog pre-fight. 

**Start fight with confuse at max range because all the other enemies blow their initial actions beating on the poor confused target.

**Throwing a figurine summons in front of party buys time for buffs - debuffs.

****Fighter uses disciplined barrage then scrolls - fighters have highest accuracy in the game, this is also why wood elf****

Cipher chain casts Prone/Paralyze/Stun/Charm/Dominate until nothing can fight back

Fighter assists with Prones, think whack-a-mole.

You're going to get hit and want to get hit, but you don't get hit a lot.

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I only play on POTD and wish there was a higher difficulty or some slightly different design that situationally required tanking. Triple crown is only for solo toon right? I've soloed past Maerwald Rogue and Ranger, but got bored with it; it's just not my play style. I've a watched a successful proof of concept solo video of a Ranger soloing Alpine. Unless something has changed recently, this party can similarly stuck/hobble Alpine and ranged kill.

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