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Sly Cydrel Overbug



Hello folks, 1st of all i apologize for my average english, i'm french.


I'm here because i'm looking for help to fix a horrible bug i got on my newest party on POE, haven't been playing for a long while and thus i decided to start over instead of taking back my old save.


Right now i'm lvl 8 and doing the bounties sub quest and i got a real problem with Sly Cydrel that can only be a bug. He's totally and completely overpowered, not just strong like some good boss, but more like Waidwaden reincarnated.


He hits my tank for 300-800 dmgs, yep that much, he oneshots absolutely anything and no debuff lands on him, exept for confusion, as for the dmgs i can barely scratch him in the few secs i got before he desintegrates my team because he got something like critical defense (might be normal).


I've taken a few screenshots:






It's in french but you can still read the numbers...


Soo what can do the try and fix this? Right now i'm reinstalling the game, naively hoping that it'd do the trick but i doubt it, the only way i found is by using god mode but that's cheating and i dont like that either.


It's really frustrating, please help T_T

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