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[3.02] Hand of Wael and Woe damage calculation issue



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thats really easy! Create a 2 Might character and let him graze calisha - 0.X damage dealt is shown, 1 damage is dealt.


And if its only the display... a chanter can retrigger his dots... per display only one dot is active - however thats only the display, every chanter dot is active and damages the enemy...

Sure, thats not the damage display... but if one thing is wrong, why shouldnt there more wrong things?

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Hmm. Tried it and everything seems to work perfectly. Any damage <0.5 = 0 dmg and any damage in the range of 0.5-0.99=1, just as it should be. The rounding is still the same as any other. Sure, the displayed number is different but it's a triffle as it's quite rare to see such low numbers during a regular playthrough anyway.


The chanter still has a lot of issues. It's quite a new concept so it needs more work, no doubt about that.


As for you answer to my original problem - it's not supposed to be a DoT, even if it is, why do I do 44 Crit damage to someone with 11 DR?

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hmmm, 6.5 damage was rounded to 6. 7.5 was rounded to 7, 6.6 to 7...

and 1.5 DoT damage was rounded to 2, as was 2.5 DoT damage - so, i trust the rounding system... very much.


its been a while since i even looked at damage numbers on the screen while playing, i can't say for sure that i remember it correctly since i played with "the informations i get are... wrong" but i think i remember that i missed some damage numbers on the screen (not for something as easy as posted here)

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