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How do I tell if my purchase of the whole package went through?



I purchased the bundle to get the most out of the game but I can't tell if it went through besides the bill I got. If I go to the store, it just wants me to purchase them again. I don't have all the characters unlocked, etc...

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You should have all the characters active, so it Sounds like your game Center or google play account was not active when you did the shopping. Contact the dev team and They can help you, this is known issue if and when your game is not Connected to your game Center or google play account! Not a bug but a feature that should be checked. It would be best if the game would not allow you to buy stuff if you Are not Connected at all.


You should see this logged in succesfully! Before Gaming or buying anything in this game.



Otherwice any shopping or accuirement is not tied to your game.

See Also this threath


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