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Quest mode at 30 - cards missing, etc

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been 30 for a while now and I experienced all of your confusion and frustration which all comes from the lack of clarity on obsidian's part.  I believe their decision to move cards around all comes down to the balance issues between physical / digital and now that I've found most the cards at 30 and know it's not just buggy or erroneous I understand it.  


In the physical card game each tier/box had a handful of cards that were obviously stronger than their peers.  Flaming Mace+1 Returning Throwing axe etc.

In the physical game though that was all you get, so if you're playing with a group of people there is balance, (not to mention helps them sell promos) because only 1 persons deck gets that powerful item.

In the digital version though you would be able to farm that item on each hero individually thus making the rest of stuff junk .  So they have to take each tier and make sure everything is about = in order to keep it balanced.



Sorry for replying to an old post.  I will say no, you cannot farm an item indefinitely.  The total number of a specific card you have in your ASSEMBLED Party Quest Mode cannot go beyond the total count of the specific card in your Vault.  So, if in your vault, it says 2 for Flaming Mace + 1, and lets say you already have 2 characters with a Flaming Mace + 1 each, it is very possible to find another Flaming Mace + 1 but the moment you accept and bring those 3 characters together, one card will disappear and you will get the ! mark.  In which case you get to complete your deck with base cards.    If you keep it in mind and never assemble the three characters together into a party, you can keep the 3 cards. 


In order to increase the count, you will need to get more treasure chests opened and do not delete the number of cards below the count you want.  I  have seen a  post here somewhere that some people delete copies of cards since they have so many of it.  That's ok so as long as you know how it affects the game. 

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