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Foul Misgivings, Retaliation Wild Card, Iesha summoned without roll



When Valeros encountered a Haunt at the Farmhouse in Foul Misgivings, Iesha was summoned without a roll to see if she was summoned.


Playing on G Pad™ 7.0 LTE.

Heroic mode with the Retaliation wildcard.

Valeros and Lem.

Both Valeros and Lem are at the Farmhouse, which is the first location explored.

Valeros discarded Poog to have a 2nd exploration.

Valeros encountered haunt.

Retaliation roll was 1. Valeros discarded Thieves tools as damage.

Iesha immediately appeared, with no roll to see if she was summoned. Should have rolled a d6 and only summoned her on 4 or higher.


Needless to say, Valeros was not happy to see Iesha....

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