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Foul Misgivings Bug?



I decided to play the legendary 2-3 scenario today and after a few failed attempts, I finally got a couple wildcards which didn't kick my ass from turn 1. Unfortunately, just after I cornered the big bad in a location and I was about to close the 3rd location (Prison), Valeros stumbled upon an Undead Legion trap (or something like that). After Kyra defeated her foe, the game returns to Valeros, but he can't act at all. I tried quitting and restarting the game, but it is always the same. I roll to recharge Kyra's Holy Light  and then the game locks on Valeros. Is there something I can do to move on, or is this unsalvable?


The game is fun, but it is also incredibly buggy right now, with bugs popping up left and right. I hope an update will fix most of them soon, because half the time I leave the game excited and the other half I want to throw the phone to the wall.

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