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Pillars of Eternity 2 Wish List and Suggestions

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I really only have two wishes:


1. Faster load times.

2. I really hate it when a game takes over my characters and puts them in an order or arrangement that I never would have (such as the endgame battle).


Other than that, everything else I can chalk up to what makes the game unique.



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I hope that elderly Watchers will be taken into consideration in this game and the sequels. I really enjoyed playing as Granny and I hope she can continue her adventures without any immersion breaking moments!




Interesting. What kind of immersion breaking moments were there with granny?

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Armour is all good and well, but I would like more clothing shops that sell purely cosmetic items (cloaks of various colors, outfits from each culture, pirate hats etc.) Purely for character creation/roleplaying purposes. In PoE1, all those assets existed in the game, but it was hard to get them without murdering some civilian or backer character. 


Or here's a different idea: instead of your outfit being determined by where you're from, how about its determined by your background. So a nobleman gets a nice outfit, the former slave gets rags etc. etc.

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