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Cap on maximum number of created characters (as opposed to party size)?



There appears to be a maximum of around 20 created characters. Beyond that, new characters which are created cannot be dragged back onto the bar on top - another character will need to be deleted to free up a space. Is this a bug or a feature? I like to have multiple versions of characters to try different combinations and 20 characters seems unduly restrictive (considering that 11 different characters have already been released).


Thanks in advance!

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There are two problems: 1) the single-line scrolling panel isn't a great UI for displaying large numbers of characters (too much swiping around), and 2) we have a very limited amount of memory to work with on these devices. That being said, I think we'd all like to have more characters so we're considering a few different options. Thanks for asking this question; as a developer, I always like to know what features are most interesting to players.

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