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Quest mode vault interface bug



In quest mode, when u go into vault you will see the cards displayed in deck 1 and 2 are vastly limited. This led me to think that in quest mode the cards available for discovery are limited . This has turned out to be a false assumption. In my quest mode game I'd run into deck 2 villains henchman and mobs as well as boons belonging to deck 1 and 2.


So I think the way the vault display the cards in the quest mode is bugged. In gallery or in story mode I would see my entire selection.


I would post a pic or 2 but apparently I can't do it not least on iPad.


iPad Air 2

iOS 8.4?


Edited : the attached pic shows the vault accessed from within quest mode with the missing cards in spell category as well as entire missing tabs for deck 1 boons( villains barrier etc) . All of which can encountered in game though.


Also noticed the way that quest mode lump the banes into one base B and hence account for the entire missing tabs where they should have appeared in for the various decks . For instance the attached pic 2 would show henchman from deck 3 ( story mode or gallery) encountered in quest mode but labeled as deck B. However I couldn't find this henchman card in vault ( quest mode)at all, certainly not under deck B.



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