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replaying adventures with new characters

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So I think there are two ways to do this.


A) Start a whole new "save slot".

B) Swap out characters in an existing save slot.


I'm not clear on what, if any, the distinction would be.  Can someone clarify this for me?


Thank you!

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If you are looking to start a new group I think the intent is to pick a new save slot. If you just want to add a new guy to an existing group, add to an already existing save (although currently some mission rewards seem to be bugged when completed with guys who are different "levels").


The main actual in game difference is that I believe the missions that give set card rewards only give those once per save slot. I'm not talking about mission rewards like "all characters get a random weapon card." Those at least should (barring bugs) give it to a guy who completes it for the first time, regardless of save slot. But missions that give a specific card (like one of the Burnt Offerings missions gives th Sihedron Medallion) I believe only give it the first time a party in a given save slot completes that adventure.


Overall I'd recommend just starting a new save with a new group. There's no real downside to this that I can think of, all the cards you have available to encounter from your "vault" will be the same and mission rewards will definitely be awarded with a new game (barring weird bugs).

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The rewards should be based on the progress each individual character makes. Loot rewards are kind of an exception in that if someone in your party has a particular loot card, you should not receive Loot again (though the ancillary card rewards should still be granted). If you find a case where this isn't happening, let us know!

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