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how do I advance in Quest mode?



I've created a Quest Mode group and played many adventures with them.


The characters are level 8, but the Party Tier is still level B and I only encounter cards of level B, C, and P.


How do I advance my party tier to 1 or more, so I can begin to encounter the higher level cards?

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Looks like avg character lvl 1-9 = B, 10-19 = Deck 1 and 20-29 = Deck 2.


My guys just hit 10 and instead of saying party difficulty B it now says party difficulty 1. Now all that said, after I ran another mission I still just saw B level boons and I was already seeing deck 1 villains/henchmen long before that. So who knows. Plus considering everything else, it's likely to be buggy. But something like that appears to be the intent.

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