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Wrong timing for 'Close Location' prompt on empty location



This is one of these things that are either inappropriate design, or bugs, but needs to be singled out:


- When a player starts their turn in a empty location, they immediately get the "Close Location?' prompt. I'm pretty sure it even appears before Start of Turn powers but I might be misremembering this detail. The 'Close Location' in not a start of turn action (at least by the card game rules)

- If dismissed, the prompt doesn't appear again at End of Turn, as it should be (again, based no the card game rules)

- there are plenty of reason why it's not only wrong, but also damaging to the player to have the prompt appear at Start of Turn; I'll just give two examples:

  ->  I'm with Ezren and I want to bury a Frog and retrieve a combat spell from my Discard, so I can close a "summon and defeat henchman" locations

  -> on low-health character, I want to Heal myself before closing a "banish a card" location, so I can calculate if the banished card will kill me on hand reset

   -> etc, , etc..



The correct implementation would be:

- new turn begins

- Character and Location 'Start of Turn' powers are activated

- player can Give Card and Move

- If player doesn't Move away - he must initiate End of Turn as usual - either by the Trash Can button on top, or by the red End of Turn Button to the right of screen. Regardless of the method:

- his Explore button is greyed out (the Explore phase is over) and 'Close Location' prompt appears - this is BEFORE End of Turn powers are activated, which in turn are before the Reset Hand opportunity; player can:

   -> forfeit the closing / accept the closing and fail; the End of Turn powers are NOT activated; player can still play cards freely or press End of Turn again (which shouldn't activate another closing prompt)

   -> accept the closing and succeed: If any cards are shuffled into the location deck, player cannot play powers that allow him to Explore. Again, he can play other cards freely or press End of Turn again

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