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Dr Habe at the Village House



Just encountered an (almost) game breaking one.


Playing Undead Uprising (adventure 2-1) with Kyra and Meri, closed everything but the general store and the village house. Found the villain in the general store with a detect magic and left him there (with one additional card underneath). Moved both characters to the village house, cleared down to the henchmen - Dr Habe. Auto defeated him since he was the last bane and was given the choice of what location to examine from his card. Chose the general store from the map since it was the only option. At this point I heard the card shuffling sound like it was going to show me the cards from the general store deck but nothing happened. (Keep in mind I believe dr Habe is supposed to reveal the top 3 cards and only 2 were left at the location, in case that's a factor).


So at this point I think ok no big deal, I already know the villain is the top card over there anyway and go to continue my turn. The blue "move to next step" arrow is lit on the right side of the screen but nothing happens when I press it. Basically it won't let me progress at all, can't click the end turn button at top or anything. Even checked Kyra's screen to make sure I wasn't forgetting something there.


As a last resort I try opening the shop and going back into the game to see if that will reset anything and lo and behind it actually worked. Now, all of my cards in hand are lit, the closing part of the village house is lit up and it says "banish a card". None of this was happening before. So something got hung up between the Dr Habe examine a deck step and the closing of the village house step. I've got before and after screenshots of this but they are too big to upload.

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