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Goblin Warchanter is a right b***ard!



So, my Harsk throws a Blessing of Shelyn on the Warchanter's pre-combat Wisdom check and beats it (in Goblin Fortress); everyone else (at other locations) fails.

- for my Combat check with Harsk, I play the Shock Longbow. I also throw in a couple of blessing from other people, just to be safe, cause I have no patience for the little Chanter sh*t.

- so the screen finally returns to Harsk and - what a surprise- the Chanter's card is not visible (the check skillbox is still present, with my default STrength die prepared)

- Then, my assembled dice turn out to be frozen!

- I *think* I was able to cancel and recast some of the blessings, but am not sure

- at any rate, I start swiping my tablet, trying to get a screenshot

- THEN, I must've hot a cancel button (not sure if Harsk's)

- then, my dicepool suddenly changes, and I see my righteous Shock Bow in Harsk's discard pile! What's more - it has a red padlock icon, as if I failed the Wisdom check (in which case - how the hell does the game think I discarded it??) !!

- recovery of the bow is impossible; so I consign to my fate and go for unarmed combat; fortunatelly, the top blessing is Gorum, so with a couple of BoG from the other heroes, I get 5d6 and I'm ready to roll!

- but the dice ARE'NT! They're friggin' frozen AGAIN!

- so I start canceling again, and I think I might've hit a Cancel button on Harsk's screen (though that shouldn't be possible, 'cause now he's playing no cards!)...

- and suddenly, my dice pool becomes a single d4 !!! What. In the Flying! F***!!!! Now my Check Skillbox has only COMBAT, no Strength, or Melee, and I have no cancel button for Harsk, and I'm somehow stuck rolling a naked d4 for my combat!!....


TLDR: This little b****rd is causing more problems that he's worth, so fix his greeny hide, or patch him out of the game, or next thing I'm gonna go Amiri on his Thistletop burrow and he's gonna be warchanting falsetto for the rest of his short, slimy, miserable life!!



- ... but wait!! I also now notice Shock Bow is not in my discard Hmm... I start browsing...

- Eureka! Somehow, now LEM , all the way in the Thassilonian dungeon, has my Shock Bow. What the-

- ... and then it dawns on me! Just recently, a user posted an *exploit* (we call it a downright bug where I'm from), where you can drag a card, and if while dragging you change the hero icons - you can drop the card in another hero's hand! Is it really possible...?

- YES!! I succesfully use the bug to drop dear ol' Shock Bow back in Harsk's hand, and his dice ool is back to normal! I bless the sh*t outta this check and the Chanter i dead (his card even deigns to show its ugly mug when he's banished!)



So, in the end, the Warchanter is probably not to blame for anything else the playing hide and seek. While I was trying to make a screenshot, I've somehow managed to activate the 'drag and drop' bug, my bow went to another hero and for half an hour this bug made me a specieist. My most sincere apologies to all offended goblins.


... Still, the dragging bug doesn't explain why Harsk's die suddenly changed to a d4 and his Check only listed as possible skill Combat....

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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