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1. Add in an automatic success dice roll when you can't fail a check to help speed up the game.


2. Somehow identify cards added to the gallery since your last visit after buying a chest. I bought a chest and had to force close the app because it froze on the chest opening screen and now I have no idea what I got. It could not have been a less satisfying experience whilst spending gold.

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1. is being talked about in another topic.  The devs don't like something that just says, "OKYouWin" because there are people who are startled enough when a Blessing of the Gods ends up in their hand.  (I suggested an "Auto-succeed" button so you have to take SOME action to say, "Yes, I'm committing these resources so that I don't have to actually roll".)


Haven't heard anything about 2. though.

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"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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