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I can't seem to progress



I am enjoying this game when it lets me.


After a disastrous set of bugs ruined my chance to win Black Fang dungeon, I am stuck on the deck management screen.  The button to continue is not highlighted, and there appears to be no way forward.


I have reduced the hand size of each character to the limit, there aren't any red numbers on the top of the screen.    The numbers at the bottom of the screen are the problem.   Under weapons, it says 9/8.   I have 2 weapons for Merisiel and 2 for Kyra.  There are no other weapons to be seen anywhere, certainly not 9 of them.   Is this just a bad save game?  And, if so, does that mean I have to start over?   Can I somehow remove cards?   This screen is really confusing and there is no help for it.


When I was fighting Black Fang, I somehow acquired two sets of characters and locations from another scenario were added to the game.  I couldn't fight the dragon because it didn't let me select any weapons.  When I tried logging out and back in, I had the game screen with no cards, empty character slots, as if it was some null screen.


This is on Android Note 5 if that matters.

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Click the Stats screen in the upper right corner, then click Back.


There is a bug that causes cards to disappear and be unclickable, doing the above should cause the deck management screen to reload and show the item. (If this is what is happening).


Sorry for the delay in response.

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No good.  In fact, quitting the game entirely and restarting puts me back into Black Fang's Dungeon with two copies of each character and no playable cards.  I forfeit (not a lot of choice here) and the game goes to "lose" and then the same deck management problems I had before.  I guess my save game is hosed and I need to start over.

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