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You guys rock (and suck)!

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You guys rock for making the most addictive game I have played in a very long time.  :bow:


You guys suck for making the most addictive game I have played in a very long time.  :devil:


Been playing pretty much non stop since it came out and the app is QUITE an achievement.  I hope and think it will win multiple app of the year awards.


I do have a question about the Daily Gold.  Before I set it down last night, it had more hours to go till I could pick up my gold than I was willing to stay up for.  This morning I log in and it says it's 17 more hours.. the blurb says I get the gold daily for just logging in, but you have to press the "Pick up Gold" button?  Does the gold auto appear when I log in or do I have to press the button?


Also, I know you guys have to be tight lipped about pack releases, but do you have a timeframe for an update that will fix the Quest thing and other bugs?  Been checking the App Store daily.


Also, I can't wait the Multiplayer/Steam release.  Not only so I can get it and play with friends online, but so that you guys can make a pile of money and confirm Skull and Shackles.  :yes:


Anyway, I know it probably has been a stressful release week but speaking for myself and other friends that are playing (and cursing me for telling them to play and now they are addicted) you have released an awesome product.



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We don't have a time table for patches or updates but you can estimate that it will take a least one month From the finding out the bug, to it will be out in the store.

1. Somebody Finds out the bug

2. Developers try to remake that bug

3. Developers try to find the reason for that bug

4. Developers program the fix candidat 1

5. They test that fix. If everything goes ok, They go to next step. Otherwice they make fix candidate 2 and so on

6. Fix goes to store.

7. It will take week or two for game store to approve the new patch.

8. Thenfix is released and soon some one Finds a bug in the new fix... ;-)


But seriously. In the best case it will take one month. If the problem is hard to fix it will take longer...

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Kyzar thanks for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying the game!

For Daily gold if the timer looks to have reset but not give you a timer, can you kill the app and restart it and see if the button is there? This is a known issue that we are working on to fix.


I am really looking forward to the online release as well. I got friends all over the country I'd love to play with again. :3


Unofficially I THINK (No promises, no implies, I shouldn't be saying this, I want to keep my job) it will be sooner than a month. Don't take my word as gospel here, but we are really doing everything we cant to get this out the door for you guys.


Every time a piece of code is added to the game even for simple things it has ripples of effects on the entire game and the entire game must be tested again.

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