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Seoni's Power not adding "Magic" trait?



Seoni came across a Shadow which requires the "Magic" trait to defeat.  Seoni uses her power "For your combat check, you may discard a card to roll your Arcane die + 1d6 (☐ +1) (☐ +2) with the Attack, Fire, and Magic traits. This counts as playing a spell." and defeats the Shadow (with the help of a Blessing).  The Shadow was reshuffled into the deck instead being banished.  It doesn't look like the "Magic" trait of the Power was applied.

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Yes, this is a known bug. Seoni's built in spell currently somehow does not have the Magic trait.


I can confirm that it does have the Fire trait at least, you get the bonus d6 from the Old Light when using it and can double bless it with Blessing of Zarongel. It also has the Attack trait, Scarecrow Golems are still the stuff of nightmares for Seoni (as they should be).


It also has some other bugs. It used to not count as a spell, i.e. Blessing of Pharasma did not double bless it, but I just tried and that seems to work as intended now. I also just checked, it doesn't count as playing an Arcane spell for the Thassilonian Dungeon location power, which it should (it specifically counts as playing a spell, and since you roll your Arcane die for it as your main die, the Arcane trait should be added to the check as well).


It also says "roll your Arcane die," which I believe should as per the newest rules instead be "use your Arcane skill." Otherwise you wouldn't get your Arcane skill bonus on it, which I don't believe is the intention.

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