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I liked the game so far. The game is versatile in allowing us to mix and match party members and replaying scenarios. I played this game on android emulator Andy as i know i will play this for hours and a tablet is not suitable for that.


But perhaps because of that i find the click and drag painfully irritating to do. When i want to drag it, it will instead zoom in or get dropped mid way or something. I had to repeating do the same thing to get it done. I would like a button to select instead. Another problem is when trying to move to another location, because the location icons is shifting by dragging as well i have on more than 1 occassion accidentally move to the wrong location. While having the locations be on a map is a nice touch, i think there should also be a static area for the locations icons as well. It is especially useful when there are 8 locations in play.


The last thing i wanted to say is probably premature but i hope when there is another adventure path added, we would have the option to to mix characters and cards from other adventure paths.

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 I would like a button to select instead.


This is partially already in the game (at least for cards in your hand, but sadly not all conexts) - if you click on them while they can be played, they will enlarge and buttons with options how to play them will appear on the right side.


If the whole screen is zooming in when you make a dragging movement, thats due to the emulator - on my phone the game has a fixed zoom level and will only enlarge cards when I click on them.

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