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Typo- Fortified Leather Armor



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Just so I don't start a new tread for a typo, I'll add here:


At start of 2-3 Trouble beneath Sandpoint, Father Zantus says:


"This more dire than I expected" - an 'is' is direly missing in this sentence.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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Hey guys!


Thanks for pointing these out to us. I'll have bugs written up for these issues. Could you guys please upload a screenshot when finding typos? That would be super helpful!



It's alright to start a new thread, I like to have each bug with their individual threads so its easier to track and monitor. It can get a little messy when there's a lot of issues being reported on the same thread.


Thanks a bunch!

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