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Game lockup on travel to specific location (and other weirdness)



So, a brief history of Pathfinder Adventures, in case any of this is useful to troubleshoot:


Downloaded and started playing on an old Nexus 7 (1st gen). Played great, intended to just 'take a look', and ended up playing for several hours. When the battery started to run down, closed app and went to play on a new device.


On new device (Dell Venue 10 7040), downloaded and found that all my progress had apparently disappeared. Story mode was reset, cards, etc. Early on I clicked on the little chest and got some cards... Where are they? How do I access them? Are they supposed to appear in my vault? No clue. Shrugged, and kept playing story mode by starting over.


Got to the third map on the first story arc. Moved Kyra to Shrine of Lamashtu after closing a location. Game froze on the 'loading' icon (the round picture of the location that zooms in and out) and just 'hung' there vibrating. Sound kept going, I could swap apps, etc, but could not make anything else happen. Curiously, the bottom left quadrant (and a bit above and below it) of the UI would be visible when I swapped the app in and out.


Closed the app, killed it, and relaunched. Clicking Continue from the main menu would show the Pathfinder Adventures Goblin vs. Seoni screen and it would 'hang' there.


Restarted tablet, same behavior.


Uninstalled app, cleared cache and local data, and of course my progress was gone, allowing me to start Story Mode all over again.


Well, I'm on my third attempt, and every time I travel to the Shrine to/of Lamashtu it behaves this way.


Really fun game, guys, but the bug is killing me! I'll keep checking in for updates. :)



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After some experimentation I was able to at least move the hero out of the area (by clicking on the little blue icon I could see). I could even, with a LOT of guess work and careful listening to sound effects, try to play through the area.


But I'm not going to, since I worry there will be some other game-breaking bug if I get through this one. Anyway, just throwing this out to whomever is working on bugs. My two cents.

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Just so you know, characters and progress isn't yet stored on the "cloud" (in development!), but rather locally on the device.


However, the treasure chest cards should overlap, as should your gold totals, and other purchases as long as you use the same Play Store login e-mail address.  You can see the cards you've earned via chests by going to the first screen (Continue, Story, Quest, etc) and clicking on Gallery.  At the bottom, there's the word Treasure followed by three buttons:  On, Off, or Available.  "On" shows all the cards in the "box" including chest cards.  "Off" leaves the chest cards out.  "Availble" JUST shows the chest cards.  You kinda have to cycle through Adventure Deck numbers (B thru 6, possibly followed by C and P if you've acquired the Character Add-on Deck in the store or bought the $24.99 bundle, respectively) and the card types, but they're all there.  You should see the same stuff through both tablets (if you don't, try closing and restarting the app on both).


Hope this helps.

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