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Unable to Claim Rewards or continue progress



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Same for me. I just deleted the group and tried again.


One thing to note is, at least for me, I had already run thru the scenario with one group, and the 2nd group is doing a full play through on the medium difficulty, skipping normal difficulty for all adventures. I redid the local heroes quest on normal and it worked, haven't tried it again on av different jiffy cults level yet.

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My party (Valeros, Seoni, Kyra) is similarly locked at the rewards screen of Local Heroes. I've put too much effort into them to be willing to delete the party and start over, so I guess they'll stay stuck until a patch.


This seems like it falls under the known issue: "Interface Issues,- Sometimes you are unable to claim rewards at the rewards screen and progression breaks".


Any idea when the next patch will release?

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