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unable to bury a card from discard pile



I lost to a bugbear which forces the player to bury a card from the discard pile.  The discard pile popped up in the middle of the screen, but I was unable to bury a card.  In fact, I couldn't make any more progress in that game, so I had to delete that particular game.


This is on an Ipad mini 3 version ios 9.3.1

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Were you trying to tap the card and get a "Bury" button, or did you try dragging the card down to the pile of dirt next to the discard pile?  If you didn't try the second one, give that a shot.  Not every action has a tap-and-button interface (yet).  So if you don't see buttons and need to:


recharge or shuffle something into your deck - Drag it to your deck in the lower right.

discard - drag it to the discard pile on the lower left.

bury - drag it to the pile of dirt just to the right of your discard pile.

banish - Drag it up to the top of the screen, just to the right of the location box (a loop of red-highlighted chain may appear as a target).

encounter (like a barrier that sits on the top of a location deck) - drag it to the top far right of the screen, just below the turn-phase buttons.

draw - drag it into the middle of your hand...


I may be forgetting something.

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Same thing just happened to me. Android lollipop on Tab S 10.5


Could not drag a card from discard list to bury pile. No other action possible.


After I closed the app and restarted it still asks to bury a card but not even the discard pile will pull up and no other actions available.

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