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Approach To Thistletop, Heroic, Goblin Warchanter



I've encountered this situation twice now:


In the Heroic version of Approach To Thistletop, I encountered the Goblin Warchanter.  The app rolls 2d4 to add to the difficulty to defeat (scenario power). Then, both characters roll their Wisdom 8 check.  After that's done, the Goblin Warchanter (conveniently for me) forgets about the 2d4 it rolled, and its only a difficulty 8 check (or 10, at the Goblin Fortress). 


The first time it happened, I figured I just missed something. The second time, I was pretty sure it was a bug. 

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It just happened again (I *really* need to win this scenario already!), and I took a screenshot this time (https://imgur.com/sGGjV0b). On the left, you can see the rule that says he should be +2d4, but the difficulty is still only 8.


Like I said, it rolled the 2d4, but seems to have forgotten them by the time the 2 wisdom checks are done.  Hope this is enough info!


EDIT:  Goblin Cutpurse has the same issue: http://imgur.com/pGbiVJO (but I might win this time!).


EDIT 2: I won!

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I don't have a screenshot of it, but yep, I can confirm the Goblin Warchanter forgetting about its difficulty increase after the "before you act" check.


And I agree, he's absolutely among the most terrible cards in the game, up there with the Siren, Satyr, and all golems.

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