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Bug: Cannot discard after post-encounter casting of Strength



Sorry if this is a repeat post.  I can't see my first post.


This bug is on iPad 3. I have just completed a series of (maybe 5?) encounters with Ezren at the Academy. 4 player game but Ezren is alone at the Academy location. I do not have the ability to trigger another encounter, my hand is overfull, and I can see I am about to be forced to discard 3 cards. To try to avoid the discard, I cast Strength (even though there is nothing to fight and I can't trigger another encounter), hoping I can recharge the Strength spell it instead of discard it. The game displays the Strength card on screen, and then asks me to discard 2 more cards. Now I cannot discard any cards, either by dragging to the discard pile, or by tapping on a card (there is no discard option when each card magnifies).

I eventually find a way around the deadlock by finding other ways to dispose of 2 cards (eg Banish a Potion), and the game continues. If I didn't have these options to consume 2 cards, I would have remained in that situation with no way to progress the game.


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