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Bug: Token of Remembrance



iPad Air 2, iOS 9


Ezren used the Token of Remembrance with several applicable spells in discard. After discarding Token of Remembrance, the discard window opened but there were no cards shown, just an empty red window. I closed the window and now my hand cards started to glow. When I clicked on them, it came up with an option to recharge each one. I recharged one, thinking this might get me my spell. Nope. I could open the discard window now and see my spells but I could not drag any to my hand. All I could do was close it. I tried clicking on another hand card and it also Recharged. Each time I did this, the request to choose a card out of Discard dropped by one even though I wasn't selecting cards out of discard.



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I had the same issue on my Samsung tablet, SM-T530NU, running Android 5.0.2.


I've been careful not to use the token again.


Happily, I haven't seemed to have any other bugs while playing the game, and it's really been fun to play.  I've got the physical card game, but it's so much easier to play this version.

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