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Mending and Kyra's Heal ability



So there's a lot of hubbub about Mending breaking things, irony intended.


Here's another interaction that I haven't seen reported yet (that I haven't tried to reproduce yet):



Kyra uses her Heal ability, and chooses to reveal Mending.  She is given the option of who to heal, and I select Merisiel.  I'm taken to Merisiel's hand, and have to select a card to discard.  There is no option to "undo", other than to undo my card selection.  At this point, I think Mending is behaving unusually too, but I'm more focused on the Healing aspect.


Instead of rolling 1d4 to Heal, I'm Mending...

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That's the strange: you shouldn't be given the choice to discard a card from Marisiel's hand. Seems like the game thinks you are playin Mending instead of discarding it as payment to activate Heal :/

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