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Cape of Escape can be used to close wrong location



Scenario B-3

Special rule: After encountering an undead monster, each character at the location summons and encounters Ancient Skeleton.


I encountered (from the location I was at), Ancient Skeleton, and defeated it, which normally allows me to close the location.

Because of the scenario rule, I had to first summon an Ancient Skeleton.

When the summoned Ancient Skeleton appeared, I used the Cape of Escape to evade and move.

Then, after moving, I got the dialog asking if I wanted to close my location.

I said yes, and it closed the location I had just moved to (all 10 cards, nobody had been there yet).

The original location remained open.


In case it matters:

Party: Lini, Valeros, Harsk, Ezren

Lini and Valeros were at the original location

Lini is the one who encountered the Ancient Skeleton and also had the Cape of Escape.

Lini moved to the Temple, which also costed a card (Temple location ability) when I used Cape of Escape (so that's working correctly).

There were actually 2 summoned Ancient Skeletons (because Valeros was also at the location).  I resolved his first, and Lini's second/last.

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This happened to me as well:


iPad air iOS 9.3 
I was running Black Fang's Dungeon on the middle difficulty level Wildcard was the 5 less blessing in the blessing deck and the if you encounter an undead monster everyone at the location must summon and encounter and Ancient Skeleton. 
Seoni encountered the henchman(Ancient Skeleton) at the Warrens location, she defeated the Ancient Skeleton but because it had the undead trait she had to summon and encounter another Ancient Skeleton, instead of fighting the second one I used Seoni's Cape of Escape item to evade the encounter and move. I moved to the Shrine of Lamashtu and because I had defeated the first Ancient Skeleton I was prompted to attempt to close the location, but instead of the check to close the Warrens it gave me the check to close the Shrine of Lamashtu, which I succeeded at and it closed the Shrine of Lamashtu. 
Since the verbiage on the henchman specifically says "you may attempt to close this location" I think the closing check should have been for the Warrens, not the Shrine of Lamashtu.
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Actually the verbiage on the henchman says "you may attempt to close the location this henchman came from" (your wording is the old wording)


In addition, the current ruling is that you can't close a location if you've moved from your original location.  There's ongoing discussion about whether or not to change that for temp closes but that shouldn't affect this.


It looks like that's a bug.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

(Thanks to Longshot11)

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