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Henchman Bandit Issues - Temporary Close



There is something weird with the Henchman Bandit.  I've had this happen twice in the first two scenarios.  Both times it was during a temporary close location.  It has not been a consistent bug, but it's definitely happened 2 maybe 3 times.  (one time I thought I just miscalculated).


It shows a strength of 8 to defeat on the combat check, which is all fine and good, but I've had a few cases when he is the "Summon a Bandit and defeat to close a location" requirement, during the temporary close step, where something breaks and I lose the check despite winning the check. 


In one case, I rolled a 17, more than enough, but it gave me the defeat animation and I ended up taking 9 damage somehow, which makes no sense at all, since at most, on a roll of 1, you could take 7.  Since there is no in game log, there is no way to verify it for you.


It happened again on another character.  Rolled enough to easily beat the bandit, got the defeat animation, couldn't temp close the location. 


I'm very familiar with the board game version (own all 3!) and am 99% sure it's not a rules thing, but a bug. 


I'll try to recreate it somehow if possible. 



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