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Hi, first of all - thanks for awesome game! Now to business.


As I'm playing on my phone, I don't have to much space for the game and I often find game unresponsive while I'm swiping becouse swipes are to short (I assume). The problem is the biggest on character selection screen, when portraits of avalible characters are near screen edge, and I need to drag and drop them to lower edge to equip them, Would be so much easier If I could just tap a character and then avalible slot to equip him. The same goes to assigning character to quest location etc.

Another problem is with dice roll, when swipe is to short dices stay in place, I would be mor then happy to be able to tap the dices (twice maby, so there won't be any misstap) to roll them.

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Yeah, I was playing on my Nexus 6P. The party selection user experience is broken on phones. I too was wishing I could just tap the spots to add a character instead of trying to swipe. I eventually added the chars successfully, but it was tough. 


Some things I'd like:

1. Tapping to add chars instead of swiping (or fix the swiping so it works well across devices in an expected and consistent manner)

2. Add a button so I can just fill a RANDOM character to a slot. I like to play these types of games with random characters sometimes, it can be fun. If I get stuck due to lack of diversity I'll just restart. :)

3. The ability to double tap the dice to roll, or just a button to roll the dice. Swiping there seems to be hit and miss as well. But I do understand that swiping potentially eliminates "accidentally" rolling when you don't mean to yet in an already busy interface.

4. I'm one of the people that doesn't care too much about PASS on a boon acquisition, but it is true that it's better to add it. If you don't want to acquire it and have some weak boon diluting your deck it can be difficult and frustrating if it's a low enough bar to acquire.

5. The last thing I'd like is for Obsidian to continue the awesome, I'm really loving what I've played of it so far! (even though the 3 char party I picked died a horrible death) My wife and I will still play the tabletop version when we play, but I like that I can play whenever I want without tearing down our existing box. Can't wait for the rest of the adventure decks! 

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As a workaround, selecting characters is a bit easier if you drag upwards slightly and see the icon move before dragging downwards.  That's kept Android from thinking that I want the drag-down menu...


As for dice, if I start to swipe the dice and pause, apparently the act of holding my finger on the dice rolls them (much to my chagrin).


Passing on boons is useful if you have to banish a boon, and would prefer to replace it with something useful from the Basic list rather than something useless (Arcane spell for a Divine caster, for example) that someone picked up by accidentally rolling high on a check.


I didn't realize that I could edit my deck after the very first time I created my party, and when I made my SECOND party, I forgot to edit my decks and ended up with a bunch of useless stuff.  I LOVED being able to banish stuff to close locations with the intent to replace them with selected Basics, but I was thwarted on a few occasions...


I, also, am loving the game, though my fiancée and I are learning the joys of pass-and-play.  No shuffling!!!

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"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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