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Summons? Multiple fights when not supposed to?



Hello there.

I wanted to report something about what I think is a bug and I hope there is an immediate response to this.

So basically, I noticed that when I'm playing a 6 man party, this bug apparently appears frequently.

The situation is when any of my characters encounters a Monster bane from exploring the top card, it will ask "Summon?" and then what will happen after is I have to make all characters in that location fight the revealed bane. It will prompt the selection of who will fight this monster as if I was ambushed by the Skeleton Horde barrier. So if I have 3 characters in that location, I will have to fight it 3 times.


ALSO, add the fact that the creature is a Rat Swarm. So if I fail to beat the check by +5, then more Rat Swarms will be added to the location deck (so unless i roll ALL my attacks to be +5 more than the check, Rat Swarms will keep spawning and adding itself to the location deck.)


This only happens if I fight the Rat Swarm multiple times which shouldn't happen in the first place.

I'm sure this isn't something in the original card version in the rules so unless I missed something important.

I really love this game and it saddens to see all the bugs from making this game into a masterpiece.

Keep working hard guys!

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Thanks the compliment!


So it sounds like you were at the Garrison, the Location power reads:

AT THIS LOCATION: If you encounter a monster other than a villain or a henchman, each other character at this location must summon and encounter that monster.

That being said, if you were at the Garrison and you your characters failed to the defeat the summoned rats by 4, they should NOT have been shuffled into the deck because they were summons.

Thanks for the report as well. :)

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