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  1. Hello there. I wanted to report something about what I think is a bug and I hope there is an immediate response to this. So basically, I noticed that when I'm playing a 6 man party, this bug apparently appears frequently. The situation is when any of my characters encounters a Monster bane from exploring the top card, it will ask "Summon?" and then what will happen after is I have to make all characters in that location fight the revealed bane. It will prompt the selection of who will fight this monster as if I was ambushed by the Skeleton Horde barrier. So if I have 3 characters in that location, I will have to fight it 3 times. ALSO, add the fact that the creature is a Rat Swarm. So if I fail to beat the check by +5, then more Rat Swarms will be added to the location deck (so unless i roll ALL my attacks to be +5 more than the check, Rat Swarms will keep spawning and adding itself to the location deck.) This only happens if I fight the Rat Swarm multiple times which shouldn't happen in the first place. I'm sure this isn't something in the original card version in the rules so unless I missed something important. I really love this game and it saddens to see all the bugs from making this game into a masterpiece. Keep working hard guys!
  2. Tried the original post's suggestion. Doesn't work sadly... The game still doesnt register me as logged in, which is weird because when I access the store page, I can purchase the Runelords package and it does bring me to the check out screen for payment processing. I want to buy the package very much, but I'd like the issues resolved first before I do so.
  3. http://allusefulinfo.com/how-to-sign-out-from-google-play-store-in-android-device/
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