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Bug: Seelah's Inspired Grace gives her visions of the future



When my solo Seelah uses Inspired Grace on a check, the check changes to the first check on the top card of the location deck. This doesn't matter much if the check is against a card from the location deck... however, if Seelah is for example trying to recharge a Cure, and using Inspired Grace for that, she suddenly gets to know what the next card in the location deck is, and the recharge check changes to that card's check. In the case of an empty location deck, it changes into a "None" check with difficulty 0 with only the bonus d6 from Inspired Grace (but that check cannot fail, anyways). For cards with multiple checks, if she's doing the second check, it also changes to the first printed check to defeat/acquire. Which also means any checks before acting, when inspired, turn into the actual main check.


I think Iomedae is gracing Seelah with just a little too much for her limited mortal mind there, please stop breaking the poor girl's brain, she's not that smart!


I made some screenshots, here's one of it happening on closing an empty location, and one on recharging Cure and getting a vision of the villain (how convenient, if rather wrong):




iPad 4, iOS 9.3.1, story mode, no pass & play, no permadeath

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