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Can't Download Pathfinder Adventures on Android Phone



It keeps saying, "Waiting for Wifi.." I can understand that it is a large download that might need Wifi, but there needs to be another option to download it without the use of Wifi because my phone can handle it.


One other thing, I noticed someone commented in the Google Store that we need to be kept signed in to play Pathfinder Adventures and that doesn't sound good. Isn't this game single-player for now? I live in a remote area with weak phone signal and I would be PISSED if I have to keep being signed in just to play the game and I don't want to stay in town just for that. If so, please fix this. Thanks.

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You do not need to sign in to play. However you will not earn gold which is the currency used to buy things instead of real money.


Also phones are currently unsupported at this time. Tablets only at release with phones to follow. (That being said some people have it work on their phones fine.)

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