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Bug: Scout eaten by ghouls?!



Solo Seelah on normal difficulty in the scenario Crow Bait tried to close the Farmhouse and a Scout was summoned. The scout shot at her, as he likes to do before proper combat, the coward, and dealt 2 damage to her. Seelah discarded a Bastard Sword and Caltrops, then the scenario special rule erroneously triggered, forcing her to bury one of them (she chose the Caltrops). This was no combat check, so she should not have had to bury that. However, that is only where the strangeness began. The ravenous ghouls, not sated by her Caltrops, immediately pounced upon the Scout and ate him whole, defeating him in the process without Seelah getting a chance to brandish her (other) sword and do the deed herself, no combat check was rolled, though the farmhouse still closed.


iPad 4, iOS 9.3.1, no pass & play, no permadeath

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