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Seelah and Ilsoari Gandethus don't play nice with each other



I play Seelah solo and I have Ilsoari Gandethus in my deck. When I use him to examine the top card of the location deck and put him back on my deck, and subsequently use Seelah's Inspired Grace power to discard the top card of my deck (Ilsoari) to get an extra 1d6 on a check, things do not work as expected. I drag the card over to my discard pile, and what actually happens is that Ilsoari goes back to my hand as if I had just drawn him instead, I do not get the extra 1d6, the game still says "Discard 1 card from your deck", and the red cancel button on the left to abort this action, while displayed, does nothing. The only thing I can do is simply roll for the check, without the extra d6. Then the cancel arrow and "Discard 1 card from your deck" go away, and I can continue playing normally, except I now have Ilsoari back in my hand, usable as normal, which is clearly quite wrong.


I suppose a paladin and a shifty mage dabbling in powers he can't quite control really do not like each other, but shouldn't Ilsoari be happier to be discarded rather than sticking around longer than he should instead? ;)


Device: iPad 4

OS: iOS 9.3.1

Pass & Play off

Permadeath off

Story Mode (happens repeatably in multiple scenarios)

Party: Seelah solo

Don't think anything else is relevant, the issue is repeatable regardless of location, check I'm trying to use Inspired Grace on, scenario, etc.

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