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Shouldn't druid's Firebrand have its own icon?



The wizard's weapons Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff and Kalakoth's Minor Blight have their own icons in the inventory screen when you use their spells.






But for whatever reason the druid's Firebrand weapon uses the same icon of its spell.





Shouldn't it have its own icon too?

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What bothers you about the flaming sword icon? That it is essentially a spell icon? I may be wrong, but I think it is quite possible that the devs have never designed a specific icon for this weapon.


If you happen to know that there actually is a specific icon and it was just not implemented die to an oversight, then I get your point. That would be a bummer


But if not , I can't imagine they'd go to the trouble know. Probably got bigger fish to fry. ;)


Looks good enough as it is for me, anyways.

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The flaming sword icon looks great and it's immediately recognizable as a flaming sword.

Switching it for a generic icon doesn't make it more functional or better in any way.

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