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Can't scroll characters in deck view mode



In Brigandoom!, Got wiped first time through, came back to map screen. When I hit the deck icon, I see first three characters, with fourth under character icon. I can't scroll to characters 5-7 (nothing works, long touch, drag, touching edge of screen)


On an iPad Pro in landscape. Can provide screen shot if desired



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Hi.  Screenshot attached.  


IPad Pro / iOS 9.3.1

Completed the tutorial, played one round of Brigandoom, failed to complete in turns alllowed.  Came back to the game next day, hit continue, skipped the intro.  Hit the deck button in lower right, got attached. 


Can't select any of the visible characters.  Can't swipe left/right to move characters to get to others.


Image here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6apslctcn21xxn/Photo%20Apr%2028%2C%2013%2035%2034.png?dl=0

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